About Ethical Leadership Seminars

Ethical Leadership Seminars is an organization committed to helping leaders in any profession strengthen their work environment.  The organization provides entertaining keynote speeches and presentations on the topic of ethics at retreats, conferences, meetings, workshops, and special occasions.


Anthony (Tony) Hardin is the right speaker for your event, if…

 - Your group consists of organizational leaders at any level
 - You want to emphasize the importance of ethics and an ethical work environment
 - You want a value-added presentation, delivered by a seasoned professional with a unique style of humor



Tony’s leadership and ethics presentations are tailored specifically to the audience.  His use of humor and real world examples keep the presentations lively.  The presentations range from 25 minutes to 90 minutes (based on requester’s requirements).  The topics below have emerged as the most popular:





About Tony Hardin

Anthony “Tony” L. Hardin is a down-to-earth, effective, and entertaining speaker on leadership topics. He has conducted hundreds of professional presentations on a variety of topics in the United States and internationally.

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ABCs of Avoiding Unethical Behavior

ABCs of Avoiding Unethical Behavior

Based on the his experiences during his Air Force career, Tony Hardin has written a book on ethical behavior that the average person in a leadership position, regardless of profession, can relate to.   He takes a serious, yet entertaining approach, in making his points about the importance of ethics and the importance of leaders to establish a solid ethical framework.

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